There’s a new, Boy band & PEREZ HILTON is to thank!!!

On Tuesday, Perez HiltonThe Queen of all media‘ and the creator of announced that he had created a BOY BAND!

Just like the originals, N*sync, Backstreet Boys, LFO, O-town etc, ‘IM5‘ is here to win the hearts of unsuspecting teens that don’t know they exist yet LOLZ!!!

Perez tweeted out:

“After an exhaustive search for true talent and an equally thorough “training” to make sure they were ready, we are FINALLY set to unveil the boyband we’ve put together with the very talented Simon Fuller, who is the man responsible for the Spice Girls and American Idol, and Jamie King, the creative visionary behind all of Madonna’s tours for the last ten years!”

SO, the band is called, ‘IM5’ (I Am Five)  Cole Pendery 16 TX, Dalton Rapattoni 16 TN, Dana Vaughns 14 PA, Gabe Morales 16 FL, WillJay 15 CA.

“Brought together by showbiz vets Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton, IM5 has been a band for over a year now, undergoing intensive vocal and dance training. They are currently working on their debut album and fine-tuning their live performances.”

NOW, check out their latest cover of, N*sync’s “It’s gonna be me

These kids are pretty good!


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5 thoughts on “There’s a new, Boy band & PEREZ HILTON is to thank!!!

  1. alday12 says:

    they are pretty good..I like!!!


  2. zada says:

    THEY ARE AWESUM……………………..AS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV THEIR SONG ITS GNNA BE ME!!!!!!!!


  3. zada says:

    LUUUV THE IM5!!!!!!!!!!!!


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