A fat cat named Meow, 2, who weighs 39 pounds took a trip from a Santa Fe animal shelter for his big debut on The Today Show on Monday with his veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Steketee, who is helping the obese cat drop some pounds before he can be adopted.

Meow, an orange and white tabby cat, is supposed to weigh between seven and 12 pounds at the age of two. But his owner was an elderly woman who could no longer care for him, and clearly fed him too much.

Clearly he was not fed a healthy diet, and way too much of it, and lacks a certain amount of willpower,” Dr. Steketee said on the Today Show.

Meow is on a strict high-protein, low-carb diet thanks to Dr. Steketee, who is working to help him lose weight before he can be adopted.

He’s already lost two pounds, so he’s on his way,” Dr. Steketee said.


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