Mexican woman, Karla Perez claimed she was preggo w/ 9 babies…IT WAS A HOAX!!!!

I’m sure y’all heard about ‘Nueve MomKarla Vanessa Perez, 32 yr old Mexican woman who lives in Villa Arteaga, Mexico

who SAID that she was pregnant with 9babies RIGHT?

Well it turned out to be a hoax, YES A HOAX…SHE WAS LYING!

Here’s what she had to say when she broke the news that she WAS EXPECTING,

“I feel like I’ve been blessed by a miracle. I’m nervous but very happy. ”My Caesarean is scheduled for May 20 but the doctors have told me I must try to hold on for another month so the babies can grow stronger and don’t have to spend so much time in incubators. ”I haven’t got round to thinking about names yet, I’m just concentrating for the moment on making sure everything turns out okay. ”We’re confident it will, although I’m having sleepless nights thinking about how I’m going to buy things like milk, nappies and clothes for the babies when they are born. ”We don’t have private medical care or social security and my husband only earns money intermittently.”

After watching the story air, health authorities offered assistance to Karla,where they found out the story was not true.

The woman went to the doctor for testing after the report aired and found out that she was not even pregnant with one child, let alone nine. Perez reportedly lied last year as well when she told authorities that she was pregnant with triplets.


Francisca Castañeda says that her daughter had an operation after her last child to prevent her from getting pregnant again.

Looks like Karla didn’t get enough attention as a child…OH WELL, don’t believe everything until you see it!

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