Snooki’s infamous ex Emilio, is still ‘FIST-PUMPING FOR LOVE’ !

You ALL know him as Nicole Polizzi‘s INFAMOUS ex, YES, Jersey Shore‘s (fun size) SNOOKI‘s ex EMILIO Masella is,

Fist-pumping for love‘!

If y’all recall, Emilio was introduced as Snookers boyfriend on The Jersey Shore…Well they had an infamous breakup that headlined the tabloids because according to ‘sources‘ Snooks was pissed off about Emilio trying out for The Real World on MTV, so to Snooks that made her think he was an opportunist…They had a pretty nasty break up and apparently Emilio was still in lurve with the guidette.

Mr. Snooki” was ALSO on Love Games on the Oxygen network…Obvi THAT didn’t go well, he was eliminated on the 5th episode!

NOW, Mr. Masella is ‘FIST-PUMPING FOR LOVE‘ LOLz! He tweeted out this video and it looks like a trailer to probably a hit show haha!

Although, no word yet if this will actually make for a reality tv show!

Would you wanna watch this?

Check out the ‘Trailer’ !

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