THROWBACK, I love Danity Kane, but I LOOOVED Aundrea Fimbres, check out ‘Hold me down’ on MTB!

Remember when ‘Puff daddy”, P.Diddy, Sean Diddy Combs, whatever his name is now was MAKING THE BAND?

I loooooved Danity Kane together but also their voices separate, but two faves were AUNDREA FIMBRES & Aubrey ‘Auberella’ O’Day!

Drea’s voice so so pure nd joyful and PUNGENT…lol if that’s proper! Her voice needs NO filters, I love it raw…just like Adele.

Not comparing them to one another, just saying I like a REAL voice with REAL singing!

Check out when Danity Kane was recording ‘Hold me down‘ with Rodney Jerkins for self titled debut album Danity Kane…of course it’s JUST Drea’s part, BUT STILL, shes KILLED that record…& that not she hits after 2:35 mark, <333!

If only she was still recording and making mainstream music, SHE WOULD BE A SUPERSTAR…DREA, COME BAAAACK! =’/

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