Drake and Chris Brown get into a BRAWL at a NYC nightclub! AND THERE’S VIDEO!!!!!!

Last night Drake and Chris Brown got into an altercation at club WIP  in NYC…From what I gathered,

Drake flipped the bird , talked some trash, and other rappers that were w/ Drizzy joined in, and all hell broke loose.

It started when Drake gave the middle finger to one of Chris’ bodyguards and shouted …

“I’m about to go whoop that ass!”

Chris’ entourage then returned fire with a few hand gestures of their own.

Witnesses who were very close to the action, say that Drake felt disrespected… even though he started the dramz… and went to get backup from his boys Meek Mill, Juelz Santana, and Trav B.

At this point, Drake got loud and shouted at Chris …

You be on that ho s**t on Twitter n***a

a reference to a recent Twitter war between Chris, Drake, and Meek … all over who’s banging Rihanna.

Moments later Chris’ security guards got CRAY, pushing and shoving between Meek, Juelz and Chris’ posse, & the rest is CAUGHT ON VIDEO!!!!!

Another source is saying that it started with Chris Brown sending over a bottle of champagne to Drizzy’s table, then drizzy REJECTED the bottle, sent it back with a not that read,

I’m fucking the love of your life, deal with it!

OBVI, Drake wass talking about RIHANNA, YES, if you re-call it was rumored that Rih cheated on Breezy w/ drake!

According to sources, Chris reportedly flew into a rage and confronted Drake.

Drake allegedly threw a punch but before the singer could retaliate, another man hit Brown in the face with a bottle, that man is reported to be, rapper MEEK MILL.

sources say, ‘They were on opposite sides of the room, Drake went over to the middle of the club to talk to someone, then words were exchanged with Chris and his entourage.

The source said someone from Drake’s entourage, possibly the singer himself, threw a bottle, AT chris.

Once the bottle was thrown, all hell broke loose and there were more bottles thrown.

5 people were injured in the chaos including Chris’ bodyguard who suffered a serious cut to the head, two other men and two women suffered minor cuts. At least three were hospitalized.

After the scene, Chris tweeted up a storm…

Chris Also Tweeted a pic of his chin which shows he has a gash from the fight!
Check out the pix of the aftermath AND WATCH THE VIDEOS!
All parties are denying that they were ever in a scuffle BUT the camera NEVER lies, a clubber got the scuffle on video, in the VERY beginning you can see Chris Brown in Red nd White being pulled out of the scuffle…it also looks like you can see Drake in the vid…pay attn to the very beginning !

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