The Roast of ROSEANNE, YES, that Roseanne…The uber funny and self titled, WELL, TITLED BITCH IS GETTING ROASTED!

YES, YES ,YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, if you’re familiar, there once was a show called ROSEANNE (god forbid it had a last name LOLZ) and it stared a lovely mother by the name of, ROSEANNE BARR, yes, still in syndication and I till this day CANNOT flip the channel if Roseanne is on!!!

OK so I’m a bit obsessed, SUE ME lolz…Anyways, Comedy Central has decided that they’re ROASTING the uber bitch and with a little surprise, TOM FUCKING ARNOLD, Barr’s EX husband whom she hasn’t even been in a friggin room with for 17 years!

Tom had already said that he was NOT attending the roast, yet he showed up and roasted along.

The roast is set to air THIS SUNDAY at 10pm PST w/ Roastmaster, JANE LYNCH !


Watch a clip of whats to come!

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