Recently Miley (Bird) Cyrus tweeted a couple pics of her ‘Brand new hair do” (referencing her track wit timbaland) and it was VERY short!

Miley bird now has a pixie cut and umm, she looks like singer Robyn’s offspring and or a much younger Robyn herself LOLZ

IDK I kinda like it, it’s very diff and Miley is full of controversy so it’s NO SURPRISE! =)

I’m diggin it, whatta you guys think ?

Here are some quotes from Bird’s twitter after tweeting the pics…

“Never Felt More Me In My Whole Life”

“Feeling so happy in my skin,”

”If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all,”

Miley tweeted, defending her new style.

“My hair is attached to my head no one else’s.”

“My dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me ‘opinions are are like ass holes every body has one’,”


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