You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Once in a Blue Moon’…Now witness a real blue moon tonight!

YES, according to well, EVERYONE there will be a Blue Moon, a full one at that TONIGHT.

Lemme break it down, Tonight will be the second night in a calendar month that a full moon occurs, and the next one won’t happen for another two years so in 2015.

Here’s the kicker and where I crush your dreams,

The term ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ comes from NOT the moon actually being Blue, but because this occurrence only occurs…? say it with me, “ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!” LOLZZZ

ALTHOUGH, some suggest that in facct they have for sure seen an actual Blue Moon.

According to NASA’s Dr Tony Phillips, on rare occasions people have witnessed a blue moon. For this to happen though, you need to add a volcanic eruption to the mix. In 1183, for instance, Phillips writes on about how people saw blue moons after the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa exploded, and again in 1983 after the eruption of the El Chichon volcano in Mexico.

Apparently the plumes of ash that blast out into the atmosphere after such volcanic eruptions carry particles that are almost the same wavelength as red light. And the result? This particles scatter red light that allow blue light to pass through, acting like a blue filter so that the moon appears to be blue …
And, according to Phillips some forest fires can also have the same blue effect.

So there you have it, Unless a volcano or a huge forest fire occurs, WE WON’T SEE A BLUE MOON! =C

Talk about Debbie Downer BWAHAHAHA!

So make sure an look up in the sky andd tell me if you see a Blue Moon, I’ll be observing!


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