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AHHHH shiet some new IGGY AZALEA this girl goes hard…!

Alright check it out lemme make this shit simple, IF YOU DONT KNOW IGGY AZALEA then you prob a hermit crab faa real!

Iggy has some new shit coming out, On 28 September 2012, Azalea announced she would be releasing her second mixtape TrapGold, produced by Diplo and FKi, on October 11, 2012.

SO GET READY CUZ SHE HERE TO STAY…Check out the latest music vid for “Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time)


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CLICK, CLICK, BANG, BANG, IGGY AZALEA’S ‘Murda Bizness’ Ft T.I. is heeeeere!!!!

Fu*k me sideways, Iggy Azalea has unleashed her video which Features the vurry handsome, T.I.Murda Bizness‘ channels ‘Toddlers and tiaras‘ with this sic and twisted video concept LOL!

The beginning of the video kills me, hahha THAT’S WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS!!!

Anyway, this vid is CRAY-CRAY so watch it 4 times…BECAUSE I SAID SO. =)

Press thee triangle!

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