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roseanne 2018

OK, who else is excited that the hit sitcom ROSEANNE is back on the airwaves…?!

The newest 10th season premiered on March 27, 2018 to a WHOPPING 18.44 MILLION viewers that’s 10% higher than its series finale in 1997….THAT IS INSANE!!!! Goes to show that A LOT of people love the show.

for the 10th season we are getting 9 whole episodes, and thanks to the ratings GUESS WHAT???¬†On March 30, 2018, the series was RENEWED for an 11th season to consist of thirteen episodes, following the success of the revival’s premiere night…I AM SO F****** EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

There are a lot of twists and turns with the revival, DAN IS NO LONGER DEAD, the Conners are not rich like in the past, the original Becky is back AND the replacement Becky (Lecy Goranson) is playing the role of original Becky (Sarah Chalke) surrogate, Darlene has two kids, one of which she named Mark (the original Mark Healy sadly passed away in 2002 from a heroin overdose) so he is being remembered thru Darlene’s son, new Mark is also having troubles with his identity, identifies as a boy but dresses in girls clothing, DJ also has a little girl whom which is African American, if you recall in an episode of Roseanne DJ is portrayed as being a “Bigot” or so Mom Roseanne thought because he didn’t want to kiss her in a play for school, 20 years later he now has an African American child.

There’s so many details that you MUST tune in to let it all sink in!

Will you be tuning in to Roseanne which airs Tuesday nights at 8pm PST on ABC?

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