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Check out some new Ciara with ‘Sorry” in her latest music video!

Ciara has been gone fo a minute but shes back, “Sorry” is the lead single,

off her upcoming 5th studio album titled “One Woman Army”!

Check out her latest music video…she’s still got the moves!


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HOW I MISSED HER BEAUTIFUL VOICE, Keyshia Cole is at it again belting out them HITS!!!!!!!

This is the first single off her fifth studio album titled, ‘Woman to Woman‘ LOVE that ish!

The single has been out since July 3rd BUT i BARELY FOUND IT =/ Anyways heres the Music Video for ‘Enough of no love‘ and its ORANGUTANG, bananas!

Woman to Woman is set to be released later this fall, some of the features inclde, Meek Mill, Robin Thicke, Lil Wayne, and Ashanti…VERY interesting, CANNOT wait for this!!!!

Press play on the music vid!

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IT’S HERE, No doubt’s ‘Settle down’!!

The time finally came for No Doubt to make their ‘comeback‘ after their last album Rock Steady.

They stood with their roots, and didn’t change the sound of the group, as it once and has always stood!

Their first single off their 6th studio album “Push and shove” AND video premiered, watch and listen to ‘Settle down‘ !

If you ask me, I don’t have a great taste in my mouth over the choice of THIS single, it’s too ‘B-side’ for me, and a tad bit TOO Caribbean!

I love me some No Doubt but this was NOT the best choice, I hope the next one is a MAY-JAH hit!

TRIANGLE needs to be pressed!!!!

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