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Let’s talk Cardi B. “Invasion of Privacy”

invasion f privacy

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Cardi B dropped her new album “Invasion of Privacy” and I gotta admit, it is FIIIIIIIIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re missing out because this is what’s going to make her entire career in the music business!

Cardi B. otherwise known by her birth name Belcalis Almanzar has been working on her career for a long time now and her TIME has finally come, the train is here and y’all need to hop the fuck on!


“Invasion of privacy” has already gone gold in it’s first week, she is the first female artist to do this…yes you heard that right, THE FIRST!!! Gold status means she has ALREADY sold 500,000 units, SINCE IT’S RELEASE ON APRIL 6TH!!!!! THATS INSANE!!!!

The album contains 13 BLAZIN tracks with features to the likes of, Chance the rapper, Bad bunny, J. Balvin, 21 savage, YG, SZA, and Ali Tamposi….I am telling you the WHOLD ALBUM IS ON POINT, you gotta listen to it somehow!

Some of my favorite tracks on the album, mind you I love them all, 

“Thru your phone” “I do” “I like it” “Ring” 

If I keep going I’m gonna list the whole album LOL but anyway, y’all go ahead an dlsten to the album and listen for yourself, I will include a track off the album to get a little taste! 😉






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Khloe Kardashian has popped!!!



How exciting, I think this is more exciting than Kim, Kourtney or even Kylie having a kid.

Khloe has always been the underdog if you will, and she has always been my favorite Kardashian because she was most relatable as far as always showing her true self and personality.

SO, here’s the deal, Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson was CAUGHT CHEATING last year on October 7, he is ON VIDEO kissing up on at least two women.

He is seen kissing one girl while another girl was sitting in between them, then the middle girl pulled his head to her breasts and he starts to motor boat her, he then grabs onto his package as to say that it’s turning him on and then the middle girl that the was motor boating starts to touch up on it, then the video shows another girl sitting to his left but she didn’t do anything with him that showed on the video.

It’s all a mess here is the link to the video in case you ALL want to see for ourselves which I am sure you do, SUCH A SHAME!!!!

(Thank you TMZ)



SO, back to Khloe Kardashian giving birth!

She gave birth TODAY around 4am in Cleveland, Ohio. No word yet on the name of the baby but of course her sisters Kourtney and Kim were there along with Kris AND rumor has it Tristan was also present.

Stay tuned to find out what the name of the baby girl is, I hope it’s nothing stupid like a fruit or tree…or fucking state LOL!!!!!

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Evelyn and Jenn together on the SAME ISLAND…TROUBLE in paradise-All new Basketball Wives tonight!

As we say goodbye to Kesha leaving the island of Tahiti, Jenn is arriving, and of course there’s more drama…because also arriving is Kenya-two of Evelyn’s BEST FRIENDS LOLZ (JK)! Things are definitely gonna get heated tonight…lets hope no one goes to a Tahitian jail ! Press the triangle!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Snooki’s infamous ex Emilio, is still ‘FIST-PUMPING FOR LOVE’ !

You ALL know him as Nicole Polizzi‘s INFAMOUS ex, YES, Jersey Shore‘s (fun size) SNOOKI‘s ex EMILIO Masella is,

Fist-pumping for love‘!

If y’all recall, Emilio was introduced as Snookers boyfriend on The Jersey Shore…Well they had an infamous breakup that headlined the tabloids because according to ‘sources‘ Snooks was pissed off about Emilio trying out for The Real World on MTV, so to Snooks that made her think he was an opportunist…They had a pretty nasty break up and apparently Emilio was still in lurve with the guidette.

Mr. Snooki” was ALSO on Love Games on the Oxygen network…Obvi THAT didn’t go well, he was eliminated on the 5th episode!

NOW, Mr. Masella is ‘FIST-PUMPING FOR LOVE‘ LOLz! He tweeted out this video and it looks like a trailer to probably a hit show haha!

Although, no word yet if this will actually make for a reality tv show!

Would you wanna watch this?

Check out the ‘Trailer’ !

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