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Roseanne cancelled!!!!


Yesterday, news broke that the hit sitcom that we all loved Roseanne, was sadly cancelled.

This was due to the fact that Roseanne’s big funky mouth got her in some trouble when she tweeted and then deleted a racist tweet about the former senior adviser to Barack Obama. Roseanne claims that she did not now the true race of the person she offended not only that but she also blamed her prescription drug Ambien that she was on.

I here at STARJOOS are a huge fan of the show Roseanne, but I definitely do not condone racism of that magnitude, especially the platform that she is on. She has or HAD millions of fans that follow what she says and does and yes we all do not agree with what she says or does, like the fact that she is a Trump supporter but we loved her “Fake life” on sitcom.

Here’s the tweet she sent out,


Then after a lot of backlash Roseanne, tried to back peddle and say it was a joke in poor taste but no one was having it,


Including the BOSSES at ABC,


So literally everyone lost a job, so sad that she had to tweet that.

Before the show announced that it was canceling the show, Wanda Sykes who is a writing consultant of the show had actually quit,


A few others had stuff to say about her tweets and the devastation behind it all, Sara gilbert who is “Darlene” on the show is also a writing producer and certainly was not impressed, AND Roseanne responded to Sara,


2018-05-30 (2)

Another co-star of the show Michael Fishman AKA “DJ” broke silence and sated this, not only that but Roseanne had a clap back at him,



This is all truly heartbreaking!

Although, there IS speculation that another network will pick up the show and the rest of the seasons that were already green lit, the show was expected for another two seasons.

Speculation says that FOX will pick up Roseanne, like i said i am a huge fan of the show but not of what Roseanne has to say off the show or whom she supports, BUT it would be great if the show can continue.
LISTEN, we all make mistakes and say things in the heat of the moment, we all do not know what other people are going thru in there lives but what i can say is that without a doubt the show is great and i would love to continue watching it. We has a president right now who says and does what ever he pleases and here yet he’s still the president, if anyone should be CANCELLED it should be him, WAY before Roseanne. I’m not making excuses for Roseanne but i am stating facts, i CAN go on and on with facts about the president but we all know them and yet the hierarchy continues to ignore it, AND he has yet to even apologize for anything, at least Roseanne did THAT!!!

roseanne 2018_LI

While writing this story i came across a “Rumor”, read below,

2018-05-30 (3)

UMM, why did the FORMER first lady have ANY decision on this, if this is in fact has any truth? WEIRD, well we shall see what develops.





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